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Pet massage

pmassageThanks to Flora Fan, Ray Ng, Suki Lo     (Petarte #64)

Erich Fromm, a contemporary psychologist, says:
"Love itself is art, and thus love should and can be learned as art". The love essentials include care, responsibility, respect and understanding. The pet master, except pet’s daily needs (as feed and excretion), should also have an understanding of "loving the pet", and only then can be considered a conscientious pet owner.

Modern people's daily communication channels, although increasing electronic aspect, we rely on mobile phones, e-mail, we are getting other people's first contact grow less and less, or even obviously we WhatsApp to each other while sitting around…

However, physical contact is an important ritual of emotional communication. In everyday social interactions, different levels of physical contact are still impossible to replace. For example, to meet new friends, we will shake hands with each other to show our affinity. Behavioral psychologists say, with the intensity of handshake, from this first impression we can estimate the counterpart's attitude to us, and thus make a relative response. When the team members feel the success, they will hug each other to congratulate; when the companion is frustrated, we will pat his shoulder to express support.

Animal world is the same. In country parks, monkeys are often seen as mates for other companions, catching lice, maintaining physical contact and maintaining ethnic relations.

Psychological studies have shown that humans just by a physical contact can distinguish anger, fear, disgust, love, gratitude, sympathy, joy, sadness and other emotions. Emotional information exchange is a two-way, through the contact we can send information, but also can receive each other's feelings. Mother gently touch can calm the child to sleep quietly.

By the same reason, touching your dog can help understand its emotional state, you can also express the affinity by usual pat the dog's head, it will be happy tail wagging, showing how the pet is willing to be touched by his master. The highest level of touching pet is the massage.

Pet massage is not a new thing recently appeared. It is said that in ancient Roman times, Caesar the Great on expedition East to West, took a mobile massage therapist for him to eliminate fatigue. This masseuse was also taking care of Caesar's army "military dogs" to serve. On modern equestrian and horse racing, there is also a sort of horse medical staff or horse massage division, to give some massage to horses after performance or game. Gourmet also spread a legend that farmers in Kobe were giving a massage to the cattle they raise. In recent years, people has made significant progress in animal rights, not only focusing on "working animals", "edible animals" health, but also more promote a concept of making animal feel our "love", therefore, the pet massage is growing more and more popular.

Since the massage for a fluffy friend is a very special knowledge, but in fact is not much complicated, Pet Arte has applied for a consultation of local famous pet masseuse, to spread the knowledge of pet massage art to all pet-enthusiasts.

What dog can need a massage?

In such affluent areas as Hong Kong, dogs are very happy. With modern pet service industry and medical technology development, there is more and more high-quality pet food coming on market; pet owners awareness of pet health problem is growing, that lead to increasing the pet's live quality and longevity. In the past, the average life expectancy of a dog was 8 to 12 years old, and 13.4 years old has been considered as extended longevity, but now dogs can live up to 18.9 years old, however their body functions need special support for all these years.

With the extending of the pet aging period, there are pet chronic diseases, geriatrics, lifestyle diseases, cancer, congenital dermatitis and other allergies caused problems, been less noticed before, let people aware of the importance of pet's life quality in elderly. We all would like the dogs to live healthy and happy, not the way they go, in the latter part relying on drugs "hanging section of life."

As a daily pet care, the owner can choose health food such as Ganoderma spores, a wide range of diet, or for pet massage, lymph, essential oil massage ... ... and so on, all these can make pet body comfort and extend its physical functions.

With a massage you can make pets promote blood and lymph circulation, increase metabolism, lower blood pressure, restore muscle elasticity, relax their taut tendon, avoid worsening of muscle atrophy, improve fur luster, soothe 'em and enhance the pets' mood. In fact, any dog can be carried out massage. The important thing is, whether the dog like the master's touch, close contact with the body to make the pet happy.

It's no matter how many things you do for the dog, if you do not direct contact, touch, embrace him. Anyway, you are making every day grooming, bathing, conditioning care, why not to spend a little time for a massage, if it benefits more?

Essential oils massage precautions

Dog skin epidermis thickness is 3 times ticker than of humans' skin, that's why the dog better to take bath with a special dog dedicated scouring shampoo. The same way it works with massage essential oils, that should be provide by special deployment. Besides, the dogs' sense of smell is much more sensitive than most human. So the human use aroma oils is not applicable to dogs, because it can cause the over-smell discomfort to the animal. For safety, be sure to use pet formula oil products. In general, the different essential oils are designed for different effects, but for dogs the first reason is the smell they like and can accept.

Massage preparation mastering

A quiet environment is good for a massage. Try to avoid anything distracting sounds like television, radio. After an ample meal, in pregnancy, just after surgery dogs are not recommended to have a massage.

Before starting essential oil massage, drop a small amount of essential oil to palms and rub the palms to heat. Place slightly oiled palms on the sides of dogs head and let him take a deep breath, which will help the dog body to produce "happy hormone" – dopamine to enhance the dog's mood.

Massage technique

Pet massage in recent years was developed in the various factions: European, American, Japanese-style, the lymphatic massage, acupressure and even a gas field massage; however, three massage instructors, Fan Xixia, Wu Chonglongwei and Lu Fengyi, who were interviewed by Pet Arte, said in unison the massage was "authentic", but it's not the most important. The top important thing is to the dog calm and comfort, let him smell a sniff, the habit of essential oils taste, and then began.

Limfnode en

4 major lymph nodes and their related symptoms:

  • Neck lymph nodes - otitis media and symptoms of endometritis
  • Axillary lymph node - respiratory disease
  • Groin lymph nodes - lower body fat, leg swelling, tail relaxation, etc.
  • Knee knees lymph nodes - (also known as "second heart") knees and leg pain, leg relaxation without stretch

5 basic massage motions:

  • Stroke
  • Circle
  • Paddy
  • Finger press
  • Pull-up
1 Stroke

Put the thumb or index finger pulp onto acupressure point, slide fingers across the massage area.

2 CircleCircle draw:
Put the thumb or index finger pulp onto acupressure point, make round motion such as drawing a fractal circle.
3 Fingerpress 4 Fingerpress

Finger press:
Use a finger to stimulate the acupressure point by pressing on it.

5 Paddy

Use the thumb and index finger sort of knead the skin by the sides of acupressure point.

6 Pullup

Tweak and pull up the skin on the acupressure point.

Divine Calm:

 Divine 1  Divine 2  Divine 3
Laying the hands onto "pubic region" gently stroke. Use fingers or cotton swab gently press the "liquid door".
Indications: City people have to bear a life pressure, and city dogs also have it. For instance, the master has to leave for work, leaving the dog alone at home. It can provoke a "separation anxiety" that lead to barking, biting, etc. behavior.
Application key points:
*Pubus - under the sternum
*Zanzhu - between the brow
*Liquid door - between roots of forelimb ring finger and tail finger
Massage: Circle draw, Finger press

Respiratory system:

 Respiratory 1  Respiratory 2  Respiratory 3
Use the thumb or index finger, gently sweep from "ophryon" point between the eyebrows to the "hillroot" point.
Indications: Due to colds caused by rhinitis, will lead to runny nose, sneezing, eye secretions increased, trachea received, causing difficulty breathing.
Application key points:
*Wind pool - behind ears
*Ophryon - between the eyebrows
*Hillroot - middle nose hairy with non-hairy area junction
Massage: Stroke, Finger press


 Awakening 1  Awakening 2  Awakening 3
Indications: Joint problems, or easily depressed aged dogs, function adjustment, health care, ease muscle cramps, improve physical fitness, healthy longevity etc. effects.
Application key points:
*Shoulder (lymph outlet) - below the neck, before the scapula
*Groin lymph node - the lower abdomen and lower limbs connected groin
*Axillary lymph node - axillary behind forelimbs
*Knee lymph node - behind the knee
Massage: Finger press, Paddy

Using various massages can help dogs to promote blood and lymph circulation, improve digestion and respiratory system functions, strengthen immunity, lower blood pressure. For the joints and bones appear to have problems and motion pain in elderly dogs, the regular massage can help strengthen the muscles, avoid further joints contraction and bone strain. For the emotional problems of the dog the massage provided more soothing and calming nervous tension effect.

All said benefits make pet massage attract increasing attention of Hong Kong dog owners who concern of their pet health. A few months ago the famous local pet massage guide held a masterclass demonstration of pet massage skills. More than 100 dog owners attended enthusiastically, and the dogs also appeared to enjoy it much.

As masseurs accentuate that professional acupuncture massage is a profound knowledge, learning more than 800 lymph nodes is not a brief lesson, still teaching the pet owners making the pet massage by them own certainly can enhance the feelings between the 'em and dogs, making the beloved dog live feel the care of his owner.